Sunday, July 17, 2011

When Tity talks about too much of CLIMATE CHANGE

This is what happen when tity (& her gang) had too much info on climate change...

Extreme heat/global warming

Mr Muthusamy: I used to be chinese before. But due to climate change, i'm an Indian now! *krik, krik, krik*

Coral bleaching

Barbie: my hair used to be black before, but due to climate change im a dumb blonde now *huhu*


This are just some jokes that came out of my group after going through 2 days of intensive climate change training workshop. Our brains just couldn't take it anymore & we started yada-yadaing around. It sounds a bit racist tho (no offense!). Jangan la ada mana2 pihak yg terasa. Bukan niat sa mo menjadi seorg yg racist :p ...Nama2 hanya rekaan semata2 & tiada kaitan dgn yg sudah hidup atau yg suda passed away. Cuma itu barbie seja la masi di pasaran ekeke

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