Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rest in peace...

Have you ever witnessed someone die right in front of your eyes?

I did! I was in the hospital recently and I saw one patient in her late 60s die due to her sickness (p/s: no. I don't know her). Initially she was just having some difficulty to breath, then the nurse gave her the oxygen and set the blood pressure monitoring device on her arm. Few minutes later, her eyes just roll up and she became unconscious. Her son who was looking after her panic and he immediately rushed to call the doctor. The doctor & nurses rushed to her bed, they closed the bed curtain and start the medical emergency procedures.

I can hear the alarm from the blood pressure monitoring device, the sound of medication utensils clinking and the voice of the doc giving the nurses some instructions. It just spike up my curiosity on what is happening behind the closed curtain.

Her family was there too, I guess the son must've informed them about his mother's critical condition. Some of her relatives were standing next to me, some were sitting and some went outside the ward. Some of them are weeping and some of them are busy texting & calling other relatives. Whatever their activities were at that time, they all share one thing in common. All of them are waiting in full of hope that she will be OK... and at the same time facing the fear that they might lose her...forever!

*this kinda reminds me on the day I lost my mum*

Then the doc called the husband of the lady and he told him that she's no longer there. It was 12.20AM.

And so the weeping turns to crying...
Words of consolation given...
May her soul rest in peace.

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