Sunday, July 19, 2009

P.S. Guess What!?

Was a good movie... Super sweet and super jiwang (and as a bonus you'll get a super witty scripts *I likey*).

I cried watching this movie. At first I was making fun of sika *she's the one who recommended this movie to me; before my colleague alice promoted it to me*.

The story was about a woman who lost her husband. Her husband died because of brain tumor. Before he died he left his wife with letters and gifts that comes through the mailbox etc..(her life is full of suprises!) *he knew that his wife will be having a hard time without him! So he had planned everything before time! Dang he was good!*. It took her about 1 year to really realize that her husband is no longer there... and be able to move on. And hell yeah, she needs a series of letters from her husband to be able to realize that. She's living each day, relying on pieces of paper *sungguh menyedihkan!*

I guess, it's just hard to accept the death of your love ones. Geez! teringat mummy *sob, sob*...

OK! what i like about this movie.. I like the super witty dialogue, i like the kind of love that has been portrayed in this movie (sweet!) *crazy little thing called love ah sika? hehe* but what I like the most is the message from the movie...

P.S. I Love you!!!

BTW, i like this term quotes from the movie -> flirting with faith hehe

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IsaiahEzra said...

wah, few days ago my colleague also shared me her opinions about this movie.

I just smiled because I know it won't be as beautiful as it is in the movie. In real life it's sooo damn hard and heart-breaking.

well, I'd better watch it then but I guess I'd better watch it alone. I'm sure berbaldi-baldi my tears.

have a nice day Ty!