Sunday, November 02, 2008

When Tity Talks About Mae's Wedding

First and foremost!

Congratulation to Mae & Asun (^_^)

Pictures are courtesy of Shasha... I lurve the picture above.. it defines the moment during the wedding. I was soo tired & exhausted at that time. But still, it doesnt stop the wackiness from coming out of me. The Panda-profile picture proves it all! hahaha

At first, I thought I can't make it to my cousin's wedding, since i'm off to KL & my flight back to KK is on Mae's wedding day. So I told my mother that I can only reach KK around 9 pm. by that time, the reception has already started. I actually asked my mum to cancelled my RSVP to the reception. But then, my aunty Phil (Mae's mother) insist that I come to the reception as soon as I reach KK (walauweh!)

Untuk tidak menghampakan permintaan aunty2 (chewah!), sa pun datang juga la to the reception. Thanks to Mel yg susah2 ambik sa di airport ni. kesian dia termiss all the nice & delicious food served during the reception. But then she said, she sempat makan the appetizer before leaving the reception, by the time kami sampai sure sempat mkn dessert. Dapat mkn pembuka & penutup hidangan, ok suda tu she said hahaha (ko kasi sedap hati sa seja tu kan mel? hahaha).. anyway it was nice of them to left some food for me & mel... kenyang juga la!

Then there was the open-floor dance... no one from my table berani mo pi menari.. haha..

p/s: sha, start la asah bakat menari 'pucuk2'.. i shall see u dance in Brian's wedding..hahaha

I didn't get the chance to dress-up for the wedding (they thot i wud change my outfit di airport ni) hahahaha... sudala penat2 dari office the whole day, to the airport, goin thru da 2 hrs flight, sa teda mood lg mo begaya2.. at that time i only wish dat im in my pyjamas & the bed is in front of me...trus tido... haha

I felt a bit weird having to attend the wedding in my sporty outfit (plus the eye-bag! :p ), but anyway, i'm just glad that I attended the reception & bear witness of such a lovely wedding. The wedding of my cousin Mae & Asun.

Next, it's goin' to be my cousin Brian's wedding! Can't wait!

For more pictures.. go to shasha's blog

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gabby said...

Found u!hehehe...and great to see a mention of me name here haha!well, the 'causins table' wouldnt be complete if u didnt come ;)and appetizers & desserts r a girl's best friend!hehe...bah.go lah visit my 'not-so-organized-compared-to-yours' blog hehehe..-mel