Saturday, August 30, 2008

When TiTy Talks About the Journey of Mourning

The lilies... my late grandma love flowers...

ada pergaduhan ni dua adik beradik ni tau.. duduk jauh2 ni..ekekeke... this pic was taken after the 7th day mass. Gosh! I look so pale & weak..

My dad, my mum & obey... obey looked sleepy...

Auty tini (sitting on the floor), Aunty mag, aunty pat, aunty tina & my mum (ketty).

Mummy & her sister aunt aivi.

Us at my late grandma's graveyard.

The journey that I've gone through my 7 days of mourning... lighting candles at my late grandmother's grave and reciting rosary prayers for her twice a day.

"Mama, u shall have ur rest now. I believe u belong heaven, together with all the angels. U will always hold a special part in our hearts & will owez be in our daily prayer no matter where u are. whe love u (muacks!)"

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