Thursday, August 28, 2008

When TiTy Talks About SYD 2 (The best dat are yet to come)

Yep... It feels good to be able to be in the presence of the Lord in events such as SYD2. It feels even greater when you have ur family members to experience it with you. We've gone thru some obstacles to go to Ranau, almost called it off (glad we didn't), &'s TiTy & her sisters in Ranau...

My sister Lana & her bestie Ezelyn (also my cousin Appie's gurlfren). How adorable they're in monochrome vision. Ezer with her promoting peace pose!

Sumandak mantad Keningau. Melissa aka Cha-Cha, Vanessa aka Obey, Ezelyn aka Ezer & Lana (dia teda aka! *giggles*).

Lana & TiTy di tepi gerai MOT, disinari cahaya nur & bersemangat kebangsaan...

Lana & Obey in black & White.

Obey & TiTy tgh menayang tag nama.

Oso obey & tity..nda cukup 1 gambar kan *giggles*

Wallah! the 3 sisters in SYD2.

For my eyes has witness... (^_^)

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