Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When TiTy talks about the Good junks!

A pic of me & my neighbour! (NOTE: this is another effect of overdose workshop haha)

This was quoted/edited skype conversation between me & my neigh in my PandaOfc...

  • Chalindon: My personal blog punya link. I did blog about the workshop in Lembah Impian hahaha
  • Nicholas: yakah. hahaha
  • Chalindon: ya lah. My friend bilang I write good junks! *double cough :P* jadi kalau ko rasa mo junk food berupa bacaan ko pigila tu blog. wakakakakaka
  • Nicholas: good junks? got such things meh
  • Chalindon: his terms hahaha. macam keropok. inda semua keropok sedap kan. But ini mcm keropok pringles. Tiada khasiat tp siok jg mo makan. Something that pipol eat for pleasure, bukan utk kasi kanyang perut hahahaha *err.. i'm not sure if his definition of good junks is the same as mine tho..but I like the terms, and I'd like the terms to go with my definition hahaha*
  • Nicholas: owh ok. 24hours to live (Canon 550D + 50mm). ini barang mmg joke owh. ko pny blog pun siok owh. keep up
  • Chalindon: makasih... hehe

And after that we fainted for 5 times!!! *only me & my neigh knows why..oh plus Jessica! cos I was on skype with her & I told her what happen hahaha*

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