Sunday, May 17, 2009

TiTY @ Kudat

Breakfast at Kudat. Food are gud (and cheap sumore!).

Yours truly and Jane (our new SSME Communication Officer)

Arrival at Maliangin Island. I spent almost the whole day visiting the islands in Kudat (tu pun belum habis visit semua). Fuh! terasa diri seperti 'Fisherwoman' ;p ekeke. BTW, we only managed to visit Pulau Maliangin Kecil, Pulau Maliangin Besar and Kerakit of Banggi Island. Penat wooo! muscle kaki sa cramp terus. Tu la kana suru streching tia mau.. now have to jump and climb back to the bot. bergagar lemak muscle. Mo climb back to the bot oso mo ada skill ni.. hehe.. buli juga la.. ada bakat jadi munyit kan semua! hahahaha

Pictures of the Kagayan Community in Maliangin Island. They are preparing the Pandanus-Mat for the exhibition in Yayasan Sabah next month. This is part of the community work that we have in Kudat, which is to improve their livelihood through alternative livelihoods (^_^).

Our boat! nama dia "Mameng"

The beach of Maliangin..cantik ka tia? too bad that I was on 'that-time-of-the-month'! I can't snorkle. They (the Kudat Team) even look for the smallest flippers for me to wear diz & oso prepare my snorkeling gear..sheeesh! NVM, more reasons to go back to Kudat!!! hehe

Pictures of me & Hermon (hermon is our intern attach to Kudat PCA). He will be staying in Maliangin Island for a few days to do reasearch on the Maliangin Mat processing.

Siok tidur sana hammock, dikala angin bertiup sepoi-sepoi bahasa.. chewah!

Ni duta tikar maliangin... tetau tu sepa nama dia... huhu

Banggi Environmental Awareness Centre (BEAC). Part of WWF-MY project as well. The community here are having the Kudat Open Water Course. Siok ni diorg kena ajar diving. FOC again dat. But it is only for 5 person from the community in Banggi la.

At Banggi Watch Tower

A candid picture by Jane, me & salha waitting for our food.

Me & Jane with Mameng.hehehe (Sempat!)

Me & jane dalam feri back to Kudat (from Kerakit)..

Sibuk juga si hermon sama si charlene mo tinguk ada apa dalam perigi.. ekeke

Overall it was an interesting and tiring journey. With the 'gete' taxi driver to the good seafood, cheap & nice food, a day as a 'fisherwoman', the jagung bakar and the kerepek cum peanuts... I enjoyed the trip so much.. eventhough I would normally end up being exhausted after all my field trips, I'm happy that I have the chance to experience all this. I didn't get the chance to go to the Tip of Borneo this time. Been there before. perhaps in the future i'll have the chance to visit Kudat again (and visit the tip of borneo) =)

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