Friday, April 10, 2009

Chubby No Chubby?

Mirina this blog entry is for you!!! Haha..

You were saying that you can't recall me during my chubby season. I did try looking for our pic during my chubby season, but I didn't find any. Hahaha. So, here you go. The Harold vs Harold pictures taken during Freedom Camp 2006 (Mind Over Matter).

Harold (Egn) - punya kurus ko sini!!! Trip rock slumber kama! LoL... Tepa, tepa walaupun ko trip bayi sihat skrg dan berfesyen sedikit skema *ekeke* u're still my kandz ;p *kissy wissy*

Harold (Porky) - not so many mcm slim ckit la cni..huhu..u're porkish as ever la..hehe..u know ka I save that pic file under this name 'DJHaroldindahouse' ... That's how u were introduced to me by piggy..ekeke

Now, its Freedom Camp 2009 already. I'm all excited about it. Papar hmmm *sensitive* Huhuhu. Nvm, I've never been to Pace Bene before. My mum wanted to go to this place for retreat, tapi tidak sempat. So whether its the place or FC itself, it doesn't matter. I would not missed Freedom Camp for the world! Missed once & it won't happen this tym! Amen!!! LOL

Embracing the Joy of being Tity@27 *wink*



"hapy holy week.posted an entry 4 u in my blog hehe..cek it out durng ur 'free' time hehe..."


Happy Holy Week!! ahahaha...trully, i don't remember this look ohh... :P As usual am at Coff Bean with Jocey and even she said she doesn't recognise this picture..! But the main thing is, it's still you! that's the best thing! wahlau..ehhh..big difference..ohh..which do u prefer? eheheh..yg mcm model?!

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Supernoves said...

Hehe, happy Holy Week! Seeya next week ;)