Monday, March 02, 2009


I 'SURVIVED' Day 1 of the course huhu.

Everything that has been delivered today are basically theoretical and hypothetical. My brain almost reaches it's 'freezing point' upon receiving that much of inputs in a day. Tomorow there'll be discussions, so I'll guess it would be better.

He's one of the fascilitator for this course. There are 4 modules for this course and around 7 speaker/fascilitator to cover the lessons based their on their expertise.

Ada juga ba kan nama sa..huhu..supaya senang diorg tanya soalan/opinion ni.

Tinguk rajin kan sa catit nota!

Materials for me to study throughout the course... heh!

ENUF abt the course..

I went out with Shasha this evening. I told her I wanted to buy a pair of flat sandals. I can't climb the stairs using my wedges. kaki mau patah beb! Then she pick me up from my hostel and we went to 1Utama. Instead of buying 1 pair of sandals, I ended up buying 2! hahaha. Sales la!

Then we went makan in Uptown. Thai cuisine, the tomyam was quite spicy. Dinner was great! I'm happy for the 'news'. Will definitely be there squzie! :-) ...Haven't seen Shasha for quite some time. She said I lost a lot of weight (ya! i'm on a mission to gain my weight back! tgk tu sa beli 2 botol susu Dutch Lady. Fresh & full cream!!!

Added more food in my storage cabinet.. semua healthy food ah!

Rak kasut pun sa mo tunjuk juga!

I just love this advertisment... It got a catchy lines...

Panorama sekitar dewan kuliah... chewah

Oh ya... I forgot to put the pictures of the toilet here...It's attached to my room. Im not sharing it with anybody at the moment (hopefully I wont get a roomate until the end of the course) *finger-crossed* ..Otherwise I have to share my King-Sized bed with sombedy else.. huhu

It's almost midnight... sa telah siap meng'iron' baju!...

Selamat malam kawan2..(^_^)

*GNH - Gross National Happiness ... It's a method to quantify the amount of Happiness that you gained hahaha (ada juga ba!)

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