Sunday, March 01, 2009

Biodiversity & Conservation Course

Yeah. TiTy is in KL now, INTAN Bukit Kiara to be exact. I'm attending a 4 day course here together with my colleague Augustine. Honestly, I was very reluctant to attend this course. But I decided to attend this course anyway. My bos has approved my leave on 4 & 5 march for my mum 40 days prayer. But the invitation for this course came late and she ask me to reconsider my decision. She really hope that I can attend this course for my own benefit. Then here I am now. Sitting here all alone in my room (its kinda spooky here! huhu).

Room was quite good (impressive!).

Me at the study table. Yes there's internet access in my room. It's just that they block all the IM websites (including Skype!!!). Otherwise, I wud give them a good rating on facilities.

Bought myself da Cleo Magazine in MV this evening. Me and my colleague decided to go to MV this evening to buy some food & fruits. oh not forgetting the 3-in-1's...hehe... it took us about 10 min of waiting for the taxi to come and pick us up and another 10 min drive to MV. I consider that near hehe. I dunno the schedule of the course yet, the registration for the course will be held at Dewan Kasturi, Intan tomorow.

I was given a room with a King Sized bed. woohooo! it's so big... buli bergolek2, men guli atas katil and (REMARK: 18sx categories are NOT to be applied in translating the sentence!)... and of cos la tidur dengan nyenyak. My colleague told me he got a room with a twin-sharing bed. ble la dia selang-seli hari ni katil kanan besuk katil kiri kuikuikui.

I'm bored... & tired...

Finished ironing my two baju kurung. yang lain besuk2. ngantuk! afterall i don't have to request for iron from 'housekeeping'. It's available here already! in my room... hehe..

Now sa mo makan ubat2.. then go to sleep.. hopefully tomorow is a good day. I really hope that I've made the rite decision by being here. Let's see how it goes. Good nite my fellow readers (^_^)...

P/S: Tity thot that she said something wrong as a response to a person's sms yesterday and TiTy said sorry (dun pretend as if you dunno who you are)


~|..BIAN..|~ said...

besarnya katilmu. buli buat slumber party dah ni..hehe..

Supernoves said...

Wuah, ko minta tulung si Augustin ambil gambar?

Selang seli katil kiri dan kanan, lol!

harolicious said...

No komen.. klo sy komen pun paling2 part yg 18sx punya ja hahaha.. anyway nice bed.. ngam tu utk.. ops.. no komen..

Miss Mathew said...

Sale F1 tu d kl now!!! lucky uuu!!!

Charlene Dawn @ TiTy said...

Bian: sunyi!!! I'm alone n this room camana mo slumber party. HuHu

Noves: heh! bapa kpd 3 budak suda tu. huhu. anyway he told me dat he got company. somebody masuk bilik dia smlm so now dia sharing bilik sama org PERHILITAN. huhu

Porky: ko mmg! ngam tu ko jadi tetamu The Duke last week...the topic suits u VERY WELL! kuikuikui :p

Miss Mathew: yaka? hopefully i'll hv time to go shopping. course schedule are quite packed. sampai mlm ni huhu