Monday, February 09, 2009

Thanks Noves...


Heya, Hope you're feeling better today :). Here's a hug from me. Love Noves


To Nova,

You really love elephant oo kan? You know what? This cards reminds me of our days in Tawau. The time when we wanted to buy rice in Tawau. You selected the one which has an image of an elephant on the packaging rather than choosing the one that I'm familiar with and used to buy because you thot the elephant was cute! Anyway, we end up buying the one that I used to buy becos the rice with the elephant packaging doesn't look as good as the one that I used to buy.

Look rather than quality huh!? =)

BTW, I'm feeling better today. No more sakit perut and nausea. Aunty Margaret invited me for Chap Goh Meh dinner in her house but I declined. It's not the time yet for me to go to such event. So no Pecking Duck (which is your fav!) for me tonite =)

The rest are going to Aunty Margaret's house, so I guess I'll be 'tapao'ing and completing my Assignments at home (my daily routine nowadays - kinda used to it & livin' it).

Til then *hugs*



Supernoves said...

Hahaha...not to mention the elephant spoon yang I konon konon wanna buy from Ikea. I'll be going to KL this Friday for a workshop, see la if this time I'll get to buy that elephant spoon :p. make time to chill out ya gal. Stress nanti ko buat assignments seja.

Take care gal, Jesus loves you.

Charlene Dawn @ TiTy said...

how long will u be there? u better get that elephant spoon gal...and if you found one, buy another one for me as a valentine gift!!! (I DEMAND!!! :p)

(Do take note that the 'demand' is written in all caps! hehe)

Oh ya, I'm driving back to Keningau this Friday (after work).

Supernoves said...

Hehe, I'll be there for 4 days...V-day in KL, wink wink. Yea, if teda elephant spoon, I'll get u anything elephanty :).

U driving alone or got kawan? Drive safe!

Charlene Dawn @ TiTy said...

My sister sheena was suppose to go back with me. I've just received a text message from her saying she can't make it.

So I guess I'll be driving alone. Thr might be changes tho, depending on whether I'm allowed to drive alone in a long-distance journey or not.

Enjoy yourself in KL. I'll be waiting for my Elephanty gift!!!

P/S: I don't want to celebrate my V-day here neither =)

Supernoves said...

Safe journey on Friday, dearie. Will be praying for u :).

I'll be sure to find that elephanty gift for u first thing when I arrived there.

P/s - I'm actually quite excited about Vday hehe..