Thursday, December 18, 2008

WHen TiTy Talks about the WWF Secret Santa!

It has been a tradition of WWF-Malaysia (Borneo) to have the WWF Secret Santa. It's an exchanging gift kinda event. So everybody will draw a name and be the Secret Santa to that person. Another thing is that we have the chance to put up our wishlist for Christmas. So to my secret santa, please pay extra attention to my wishlist...hehe

I've posted my wishlist to the Wishlist Board!!! hahaha

Dear WWF Secret Santa,

I've been a good girl throughout the year most of the time throughout the year (at least!ekeke). Please fulfill my wishlist!

I want:-

- The world to be a living planet (that would be the the ultimate goal and the wish of everyone in the family of WWF)
- More WWF t-shirts ;p
- More WWF merchandise
- perhaps something nice to furnish my office desk! (^_^)

P/S: It's so difficult to do this wishlist since there's a budget limitation to it..hehehe

My wishlist is more realistic compared to others punya wishlist... adaka minta Blackberry, MPV, PDA etc dr Secret Santa...I don't think there's extra allocated budget from any Secret Santa huhu...

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