Sunday, December 28, 2008

When TiTy Talks About her Sweet 17 burfday....

okay let me re-phrase the title ekeke

"When TiTy Talk About her Sweet 17 + 10 burfday.." that's more like it! *wink*


This year I had 2 pre-burfday celebrations. In the office for the WWF's December Burfday babies & at Joanna's house together with the Xmas Choir members of SHC. They were having their gathering cum thanxgvg xmas partay. Thank you guys! (Hapy! smiling from ear-to-ear).


~ Tho I don't like the Garfield! BUT I loveeeeee the cake! It's chocolate moist! yummy ~

The burfday suprise is from my aunty. I can't believe that they actually waited for midnight to give this suprise to me.. I arrived at home around 11.40pm and no one was awake. Then when I was getting ready for bed.. Then they tiba2 masuk bilik & sing happy burfday, bringing the cake..hehe..nasib nda pingsan takajut hahaha (thank u, thank u... hapy ni! :p)


And the best thing of all ... to be able to celebrate my birthday with my family. For me that's the best way to celebrate my burfday. I'm such a family person ooo kan? hehe. The language of love that I speak are spending time & touch. So to be able to spend time with my love ones is all that I've ever wanted for my burfday. This pictorial shows how grateful I am to be able to celebrate my "sweet-17th +10" burfday with them ;p

~ Obey was the photographer (so dia teda dlm any of these gambar)..~


TiTy would like to thank all those who have given her the burfday wishes.. whether it's via face-to-face, facebook, friendster, smses,phone calls (p/s: vid conference ja teda haha). It was indeed an abundant blessings. Thank you so so much!

And also for all the Burfday cum xmas presents that she received. Thank you.. (^_^)


I'm 27 now....! Tua suda! Mo kawin la ni...LOL

~ It's TiTy at her post-27th-burfday-celebration (gete! mo juga o kan?haha) ~

The post-burfday celebration is still on-going... goin' for BBQ partay tonite with church friends in Keningau..yippie!


harolicious said...

uina holy-holy kama present ko ni.. hahaha.. besa la kan, leaders..ekekek.. anyway..happy burtday again..

Charlene Dawn @ TiTy said...


Thank u, thank u.. ko pikir! tu holy pic tu dr uncle communion minister lg tu. He gv me dat after da xmas eve mass. token of rememberance he said..ekekeke

~|..BIAN..|~ said...

Happy Born-day to you.....:D

Nova said...

Yay! I saw the ones I gave u...hope u like it :). Happy B'day again BFF!

Charlene Dawn @ TiTy said...

Thanks bian :)

Thanks noves.. ya I lurve it.. I'll wear it one of these days hehe