Friday, October 17, 2008

When TiTy Talks About da Panda!

I saw a panda from afar! hehehe

I was offered a job in WWF-Malaysia as a Programme Development Officer. At the moment, I am still under temporary basis until they finished da verification & documentation processes. At first i thot i failed the interview, I think thr were about 5 of us who were short-listed for the interview. I totally failed da writing test but i think i did well on the interview conducted by da senior manager, senior manager-prog dev & da HR manager in PJ..two of them were sitting in-front of me & 1 person via phone conference..I felt kinda weird ni, kena interview through speaker... no eye-contact! :p ... When i told my dad i was offered with the job.. my dad said I could be the best among the worst! Chis btl bapa sa ni.. kuikuikui

I went to the WWF-Malaysia office today at CP Tower to get all my documents, filling up some forms and short briefing by da Senior Manager. Guess wat! I'll be working under a lady boss this time (HuHuHu). And I think she's a very detailed person (die la me!) hahaha. I'll be assisting my bos who is da Senior Manager, Programme Development for Sabah, Malaysia.

This Sunday I'm off to PJ for training, together with a few WWF-Malaysia Staff. Bagus ni diorg at least they're staff of WWF-Msia odi, they hv da background of wat da organisation is all abt. An added advantage for them for da training. sa first day keja suda kana suru out-station. hentam ja lah! ekeke.. I was introduced to Siew Fong today. she'll be in-charge in taking care of da group that will be attending the Training. We'll be staying in Cititel Midvalley (mph here i come!) haha. I'll be there till next thursday evening while da rest balik using da morning flight. sa kena suru stay back for dunno wat... it's an instruction by my bos.

Oh ya! I guess the training will definitely goin to be a tough one for me. They already handed me a proposal/case to study for the training purposes. walaweh! back to school ni. hehe. Well, as far as i remember i did ask HIM for an opportunity to further my study before.. ni pun kira mcm back to school la ni. haha. see ppl! Ask & u shall receive (Amen!)

I hope i can complete my training with flying colours (chewah!); Meet shasha for makan2 & jalan2 in KL; & also meet some old frens Zura & Yana... Zura invited me to watch zoom-in with Sheila Majid & her office is located arnd MV..
P/S: Kandaku yang artis ... jom ronggeng! =) LOL

God is good & I am trully blessed *all smiles*

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