Friday, July 18, 2008

TiTy Typing Away From Keningau

It feels good to be back to Keningau (^_^)

Early this week was rather shocking for me. I admit that I'm not that strong afterall. Last wednesday was da peak of my depression, I didn't go for an interview in an international company (which i am short-listed as a candidate for the post that I applied); I was admitted to the ward bcos of my hemoglobin level went low (i make my family worry abt me, where they should or rather be focusing on my mum) & i feel bad ignoring my friends who wanted to cheer me up (meg sory for ignoring ur smses, noves sor for my NO when you asked me out for coffee & Egn sory for rejecting ur phone calls). I guess ignoring is just not for me *smiles*.

I'm such a whiner! It got to STOP... & Praise God it did!

Thanks to my close frens (for just being there to listen to me, for the support & for cheering me up), my brothers & sisters in Lifeline (especially Felix & Jimmy for the words of encouragement) & also Fad, ur phone calls from Aussie really means a lot. I am truly blessed!

mum is ok at da moment. The only thing is that she's having this sudden attack of this nausea-like sickness, once or twice attack in a day. Hmm. I wonder what causes this attack, is she having a major depression or is it the effect of the CA increase. She wanted to delay her CTscan but i insist that she do it according to what the Doc has planned for her. Early detection is always better. See la how it goes, she's having a major mood-swing lately. Will update news regarding her condition.

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