Friday, May 30, 2008

When TiTy Talks About writing a Tribute entry to her parents.

Today is my parents 28th Anniversary! (^_^). This entry is written as a tribute to both of them.

According to them (not them), let me restart my sentence. According to my mum (my dad never really told us about their love story ah!) their relationship started off when they were still in their secondary school. But at that time it was more like ‘chenta monyet’ la konon..haha..(ada juga ba!).

Both my mum and my dad didn’t get the chance to go out on a date that much since my dad is busy in completing his studies. But they did oso la, I saw their pic (old pic), it was taken at the beach. And I used to tease them by saying that they shud’ve taken the Broery Marantika song “seiring dan Sejalan” as their love song. Hahaha

Berlari berkejaran, Lupakan segala duka,
Di kota di desa, Di gunung dan laut, Berlagu kita berdua”

My dad then went of to Sarawak to pursue his dreams. And unlike my dad, my mum didn’t get the chance to further her studies since she did not come from a wealthy family.

Both she and my dad remain as a couple in a long distance relationship. They send letters and cards occasionally. My mum said, my dad didn’t really give her assurance that he’ll come back for her when she went off for his study. Their relationship was more like a-relationship-with-no-strings-attached. Deep inside, she just knew that he’ll be back for her. And she waited for him (Awhh!). Faith is not just a word (indeed!)

"Bawat sandali ng, aking buhay, Pagmamahal mo, ang aking taglay, San man mapadpad ng hanging Hindi, magbabago aking pagtingin" (Every moment of my life, Your love is what I look for,Wherever the wind blows, It will not change what I see)

And my dad did come back for her! Without news and without notice. My dad came back; proposed my mum, face sum minor defiance in the 1st place (but they manage to get thru with it) & they get married.

Ipaglalaban ko, ang ating pagibig, Maghintay ka lamang, akoy darating, Pagkat sa isang taong mahal mo, Ng buong puso, Lahat ay gagawin, Makita kang muli, makita kang muli...(I will fight for our love, Only wait for me and I will come, Because for the one person you love, With all your heart, All will be done, To see you again, to see you again)

Both my mum & my dad has gone thorough a lots of ups and downs in their journey together as husband and wife. My mum always told to me to find someone who loves me as much as my father loves her. Because it is the love that keeps them together and be their strength through thick & thin (macam soap opera la pulak! :p). And I (we-my sisters) am (are) indeed witnesses to their love towards one another, as well as towards us, their children. I love them so much, and so does my 3 little sisters.

Mummy & daddy,

~Lawrence Philip@Laurence Toyong (my Dad) & Ketty S. Maraat (my Mum)~

Happy Anniversary to both of you.

Love From Your Daughter
(and on behalf of your daughters);

Charlene Dawn @ TiTy


Marguarite said...

so sweet.. ur mum & dad must be very proud of u... hehe

Nova said... sweet! I wish I have a story to tell of my parents as well

Charlene Dawn @ TiTy said...


sweet kan mcm lollypop!? :p... brangie said kalah titanic LOL...

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that's really cute..wish i had one too.

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