Friday, April 25, 2008

When TiTy Talk about NUMB!

Dawn: noves
Dawn: u know wat

noves: yeah?
Dawn: they ask me to delay my resignation for 1 more month
Dawn: but i cant

noves: belum jumpa orang ganti?
noves: so? u gonna delay?
Dawn: ya & my bos is currently MIA
noves: yea u better not
noves: it's ur health u're talking abt
Dawn: ya
Dawn: my bos is curretly MIA
Dawn: i cant just leave
noves: bila dia balik?
Dawn: supposedly on da 24th masuk keja
Dawn: but until now kenot contact him
Dawn: he's on a holiday in Jakarta
noves: hmmm
noves: susah juga
Dawn: he's not replying my msg
Dawn: i told my HR manager
Dawn: i said i can delay
Dawn: maybe 1 or 2 weeks
Dawn: but not more than dat
noves: well, u told him u're gonna leave by 30th right?
Dawn: yep.
Dawn: My resignation actually effective tomorow 26th
noves: u talk again to them la
Dawn: but on da 2nd thr will be ppl from German cmg
noves: kesian juga ko
Dawn: to do sausage testing here
noves: balik2 suda kena this situation
Dawn: ya ba!
Dawn: i told da HR manager i might not be working until end of may
noves: hmm
Dawn: but i mungkin buli delay like 1 or 2 weeks
Dawn: bcos on da 20 my thorough checkup will be started
noves: u discuss la
Dawn: i need to prepare myself for dat
noves: yea..
noves: they should understand
Dawn: ya
Dawn: she memujuk odi td
Dawn: & she's not like CP
Dawn: kalau CP tu
Dawn: sebelah mata pun sa nda pandang
Dawn: *giggles*
noves: hahahah

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