Monday, October 31, 2011


I'm officially a woman without a spleen! -.-

Today is post-operation day 7. I survived a day without painkiller yesterday! didnt take it today either. I hope I wont be needing the 'help' of painkillers anymore. The wound is still very painful... But bearable! =)

Oh! Im supposed to write about the remotes.. :D

Remote for aircond, remote for the tv, remote for the dvd player
& remote for astro!!

Today i wanna thank God for the invention of remote in the world. Thank you God for the person who invented this gadgets, it has made the life of a bed-ridden-while-recovering-from-splenectomy-gurl a lot easier. with just one click, varieties colored her world. May the wound be healed soon...thank you daddy God. Amen! =)

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