Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Soar like an eagle! Sweat like a pig!

TiTy is sick...!

I hate the fact that I lost my voice! *tho Lanash said my voice sounds Sexay!haha*
I can't sleep bcos I keep on coughing! *cough!, cough!*
Hate my 'itchy throat'! *cough!*
Can't swallow my food! *I forsee that I'm getting chicken porridge for dinner ~ wink*
Wahai hidung berhentilah berlari! :P *Sneeze!*

Took emergency leave today!
I'm resting @ home...
I'm being cut-off from the 'world' *thanks to the invention of dunia tanpa sempadan! otherwise I'll die of boredom*

Sakit pergilah ko jauh2
I wanna soar like the eagle!!! huhuhu

Both of the pictures was taken @ the Turtle Island in Bali. It was freakin' hot! and I'm sweating like a pig! hahaha

P/S: I'm so NOT used to bein' 'locked' in the house! :P

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