Thursday, March 04, 2010

Jakarta from TiTy's eyes

Finally it's the time for the long awaited holiday adventure! Been planning for this for the past one year. A reward for myself! For all the hard work and also a self-reward for being Good this year (NOT! :P).

Our journey started off on the 23rd of February. After having our Ringgit Malaysia dinner in KFC, we are ready to go!!! Yippie!!!

It was already late when we reach Soekarno Hatta International Airport Jakarta, it was about 11.30pm Jakarta time (which is around 12.30 am Malaysian time). There was 1 taxi driver who keeps on following us Nova, he wanted to send us to our hotel kunun. He said if we ask at the counter, the price is higher compared to the price that he is offering. He keeps on trying to convince us that he is an authorized taxi driver, kasi tinguk2 kunun lesen dia. Mimang dasar VILLAIN! kayak sinetron indonesia gitu. Kami pun apa lagi! terpedaya ni. We end up paying double!!! but luckily the villain taxi driver send us to a Budget Hotel in Central Jakarta, SAFELY!.. that's all that matters, isn't it? *pheww!*

Don't let the villain taxi driver ruin the excitement that was just about to start! *woohoo!*

(NOTE: Never let your luggage unattended - even if it was only for a couple of seconds!, the people here are VERY GOOD in trying to look for money. You thought that the people was just standing there, waiting/watching for other people, the next thing you know they became the porter carrying your bag to the taxi (even though you didn't ask for a porter service!). Then, they will ask you to give them payment for the service! ... Badukang punya orang2! - Sabarrr, Sabarrr hehe)

1st night in Central Jakarta - Lights off!

The next day (without knowing that the journey from Central Jakarta will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes!), we go bersiok2 again in the shopping complex in Central Jakarta. The hotel where we stayed in Central Jakarta is located at Mangga Dua area. It took us about 15 minutes walking to the shopping complex. Mau pi cari Pasar Pagi kunun, sekali tgk Bida ni Pasar Pagi dia hahaha. The Shopping complex (I think it was the Mangga dua Mall and ITC Mangga Dua Mall). Both of this shopping complex are interconnected via the skywalk. The shops here is kinda like Sungai Wang Plaza in a larger version (I mean LARGE! That we even lost Nova during our shopping spree!).

(NOTE: I just love shopping here!. Can you imagine bargaining a product that you're interested to buy and getting it at the lowest cost! *Bagus Banget!*) ekekeke

Around 3pm, we went back to the hotel as we've made arrangement with the hotel to provide us with a taxi that will send us to Puri Lotus Villa in South Jakarta. When we entered the hotel, Nova was already there reading a novel while waiting for us. ekeke.. nasib dia tidak kena culik! We've been looking for her and we even called and keep on smsing her (tinggal buat pengumuman di Information Kaunter saja kami tia buat! kayak kanak2 hilang gitu hahaha). It happen that her HP tidak roaming. So nobody can call or even text her! Her NOKIA is soooooo NOT-CONNECTING PEOPLE! hahahaha


Day 2! Off to South Jakarta! then only we found out that the journey will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes with heavy traffic (that was what Pak Hamid our taxi driver said). Waaahh! sampai kemalaman nih di jalan.. the traffic was bad! Heavy traffic as in HEAVYYYYYY! The only good thing about the heavy traffic here is that it acts as a platform for alternative livelihood untuk anak2 gelandangan (eh! bukan anak2 saja, ibu2, bapak2 pun ya juga!) cari makan.. they sell stuffs eg.) kacang2, minuman, newspaper and even provide services eg.) servis mengelap tingkap mobil! 

I've even made a few notes about the traffic here in Jakarta.

1.) It was an all way traffic! where a 2-lanes road can be a 5-lanes road!
2.) You'll receive a honk or two (or maybe 3!) if u're 2 sec late at the traffic light!
3.) Red light means you still can go?(!)
4.) 4 is the max number for a motorcycle passengers
5.) Park Wherever you want, Whenever you like! you won't get a traffic summon for doing so

...and the list goes on!

Let me see.. Am i exaggerating here!? No, I don't think so..haha

After about 3 and a half hours journey *ya! I know I said it was going to be a 2 and a half hours journey*, it was supposed to, but kami sesat for so many times and we stopped for so many times to ask for directions, then only we arrive to the Puri Lotus Villa. Kalau ikut Amazing Race, and this Puri Lotus Villa happen to be the Pit Stop! Confirm tersingkir suda hahaha. Punya susah mo cari ni Villa! But it was worth it. It was such a beautiful place. Kinda like Lembah Impian Homestay. Perfect for those who wanted privacy! Here are some pictures of us, going wacky around the house (err, I think wacky only applies to me, not them! ekekeke :P)

Happy faces!

Aisey! di tangga pun mo posing bah..

My travelling buddies

TiTy and Nova, what are you guys doin'? ekeke

Bersantai kunun..

Dari kornea mata si TiTy! hahaha

Nova posing away @ her favourite Picture

In South Jakarta we went to Pondok Indah Mall for dinner and grocery shopping. Pondok Indah Mall is also interconnected via the skywalk with another shopping mall called Pondok Indah Mall 2. At Pondok Indah Mall 2, dengan penuh kejajalan,  kami  sempat guna one of the photo box to capture our so called "tired, wacky and fun" moment! 3 keywords! hahaha.

The shopping complex here is more 'urban' compared to the one that we went in Central Jakarta. It was very nice. Macam MidValley *kunun la*. But the prices are higher! Harga pas ya, ngakk bisa tawar-menawar. huhu

Us @ Puri Lotus Villa.

Off for our Bali-stic Escapade *quoted Nova*


Supernoves said...

Manada tu taxi driver ikut sa tu. Semua la dia ikut!

Adaka bisnis lap tingkap mobil? Kenapa sa tia perasan?

Charlene Dawn @ TiTy said...

heh! manada.. dia ikut2 ko tu..abis ko yg paling terer cakap bugis :P hahaha

ada bah! ko tertidur pulas, mimpi lari2 tepi pantai suda kali.. mana la nampak ibu2 ingin mengelap tingkap mobil huhu

Supernoves said...

Oh. Apa ble buat la, sa ni Dr Doolittle Bugis chapter.

Hehe. Hei, sa trus menghargai pekerjaan sa oh lepas pi sana :p