Saturday, March 28, 2009

Post Earth Hour

After the Earth Hour session ended with turning on the lights. We (me & Noves) decided to make a move from The Loft, Waterfront. The Earth Hour event is still on-going and it is an all-night long event at The Loft. Ada games lg kunun tp kami malas da mau tunggu. WWF staffs are only called to support the events, and its not an obligation for us to be there until the end of the event. Apalagi ciao terus.. Ekeke

Both me and Noves havent taken our dinner at that time. Minum cocktail dgn perut kosong. Huh! Nasib tiada 'karaoke' tengah jalan.. Sa ada experience suda ni 'dealing' (read: kelentong) with abg polis trafic..huhu..we decided to go to Damai tpt Aunty Pusing (yg turut menyokong Earth Hour) hehe.. Its past our dinner time suda. So both me and Nova doesnt feel that hungry and we decided to just share the nasi goreng and sayap ayam..

Quoted conversation:

Aunty Pusing: liang moi, mau nescafe ping? (hehe.. Regular customer ba sia sana ;p)

Me: erm tia mau. Hr ni mau nescafe panas. Hehe

Noves: air sejuk.

Aunty Pusing: mau makan apa?

Noves: kasi nasi goreng 1. Kami share. Hehe

Aunty Pusing: share? Agak2 dua org punya makan la?

Noves: tidak! 1 eh bukan 1 setengah la.

Aunty Pusing: 1 setengah? *wit a confused look*.. RM8 punya harga la?

Noves: ya!.. Boleh la tu

Trying NOT to repeat the same mistake like wat we did in Tawau la kunun. Mau share nasi goreng for dinner. Ingat masi d tahun 90an, whr u can get nasi goreng RM3 satu org mkn. We tapao nasi goreng harga RM5. Sekali sampai rumah, punyala sikit da nasi. Setengah org makan punya amount ja ni (exaggerating! Hehe). Punah harapan mau kasi panas da next morning in case thr's leftover. 1 butir nasi pun tiada tinggal hahaha.. Terlupa ni yg kami d zaman millenium suda!! Hahaha

Noves, i think we can make a compilation on our nasi goreng adventure odi owh! Haha. Who knows da lesson learnt part might be useful for other people ;p

Then we ordered chicken.. We ordered 4 pcs of chicken. 2 for noves and 2 for me.. Boleh2 ni kami salah kira da ayam. We thot he (da penjual sayap ayam) terkasi lebih hahaha. I guess we are still stuck in the 90s.. Whr u can get da RM5 dapat 6 ketul ayam offer...hehe.. Offer la mengkali! Harap!! Hahaha

Or maybe its da 'kashmir white russian-effect' that its taking place. Kuikuikui (sepa suru minum alcohol wit empty stomach!)..

Novey-dovey looking sleepy.Maybe its da 'kashmir white russian-effect'? Or is it da kahlua? Or maybe its da milk! Aha!! ;p

Noves, i hope u had a great time during da Earth Hour event despite da not-so-amateur acoustic performances.hehe.. Next time if ada event i tag u along lg k? Hehe

Happy Earth Hour people! Its just the begining.. Continue to love the Earth.. For a living planet! Cheerio~

(Remark: White Kashmir Russian - vodka+kahlua+milk) hehe ;p

p/s (noves): Nah! suda sa buat pembetulan.. salah negeri ni, nanti kena saman huhuhu


Supernoves said...

Hehe, it's White Russian lah! Sa oun heran, Kashmir apa lagi dia cerita ni.

:) Sure bah, just bring me along next time. I had a great time, thanks.

Last nite's ladies' nite was great too. Desperate Housewives ah? Hehehe..

Charlene Dawn @ TiTy said...


Fail Geografi bah!!! wakakaka... telebih Kahlua kali minuman sa ;p

Yeah! Last nite was great. We should do da 'DH-kinda' meet-up more often...In the meantime maybe I can look for 'the gardener!' that does NOT look like sudirman! LOL

Supernoves said...

Alah Sudirman pun Sudirman lah, hehe... Perasan kejap, I love my hair in this pic! Hehe... Yea, len kali kita pi lagi berDH :P