Thursday, December 18, 2008

When TiTy Talks About Gaya Christmas Celebration..

Last night once again, me & Noves went to Gaya Street for the Gaya Christmas Celebration. Despite the difficulties in looking for parking! We really had a great time with our 'shopping-spree' hehe.

I just love a good bargain, and in the heat of the shopping moment! hehe. And if there's a free gift offered that would be even better. BTW, one of the stall in Gaya Street do have free gift (you don't have to buy things from them in order for u to get da free gift yar) hehe

~ The free-gift ~

Quoted conversation

While we (me & Noves) were looking around for some X'mas deco in one of the stall in Gaya Street...

Penjual: Nah! ni free gift untuk kau (giving away the brochure and pen to me)
Me: owh thank you! (menyambut hadiah dgn muka happy! hehe)
Nova: Mesti mo beli ka untuk dapat tu hadiah?
Penjual: Nda.. (author sayz: you doesn't have to buy anything from that stall in order to get that free gift tapi nda juga dia mo bagi si nova free gift yang dia pigang2 huhu.. si noves bg hint suda tu! haha)
Me: Ko tia mo kasi dia? (giggling & pointing at Noves)
Penjual: Nah! (sambil senyum2 kambing! *author: LOL*)
Nova: Thank you.. (sambil giggle, giggle...gembira dapat pen haha)

~ The bag that Novey bought (REMARK: I'm too lazy to even rotate the pic hehe) ~

Nova bought this bag purposely to put her toiletries (toothpaste & toothbrush)! huhu..

Quoted Conversation

Me: Boleh buka ka tgk dlm ni beg? (nova was interested in one of the bag covered with plastic... so mo tgk la kunun mana tau bhgn dalam dia tidak water-proof mana sesuai mo taru colgate ekeke)
Penjual: boleh bah kalau ko.. (adeh!hehe)
Nova: I like this one (excitedly! as usual! hehe)
Me: berapa la kalau yang tu? (asking the guy aka the penjual since there is no price tag there)
Penjual: nah ngam la baru tu semua. sikijap ah sa tanya harga dia.. baru sampai ba sa tia pun tia tau berapa harga dia (so he went off and ask another lady, i guess she's the owner of the stall)

(agree with the price - nova paid for the bag)

Penjual: nah! boleh pakai time christmas (sambil handing nova the newly-purchased-bag)
Me: Nda mo pakai time xmas tu..time CNY baru mo pakai tempat simpan ang pow (bingung2 trus dat guy kuikuikui)
Nova: hahaha

p/s: CNY la mengkali .. padahal mo simpan COLGATE sama BERUS GIGI! LOL

The Christmas Crib in Gaya Street

Spot the NOT! ;p

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