Sunday, December 07, 2008

Twilight, Twilight - Movie Review

Last Friday, me & noves went to Growball to watch Twilight. Actually I wanted to watch this movie earlier on, but Kunol can't make it.

The movie did lead me into a Twilight zone.. huhu

The movie is all about a love story between a human and a vampire. It was like love at first sight kind of thing going, then their lurve story went deeper into a series of cheezy-weezy+lame-conversations. Duh!

The flow of the movie was not as smooth as the peanut-butter-without-the-nuts. I would prefer to have peanut-butter-WITHOUT-the-nuts to be spread on the bread rather that peanut-butter-WITH-the-nuts. But still, with or without the nuts, I would still eat the bread bcos I lurve Peanut Butter! hahaha (Suka2 ja kasi perumpamaan...tepa suka hati sa)

For this movie the make-up artist failed to do his/her job well. I understand if the vampires must look pale. but the human oso extra pale! nda cukup foundation mo tempek di muka kali ooo... huhu... Another one, the Musical Director also fail! Da music doesn't suit the movie in many scenes (almost there but not quite there yet!). Adaka part jiwang taru music saspen. tau la tema wayang thriller. But the movie is all about love (chewah! mcm nama website si Jeffrey ni hehe). Taru la music MLTR ka... ada juga begagar ginawo si Nova!!! LOL.

Apart from that, i give 10/10 rating to the cinematography. Man! the scenes was captured perfectly. Lots of breath-taking sceneries! The plot of Edward also I lurve. I'm soooo in lurve with Edward's character. So gentlemen and protective. His love towards the woman leads him to sacrifice his desire to have the woman as his meal. Mo kiss pun mo men tahan2 ni takut nda dapat tahan godaan bau darah manusia. kunun la...LOL. Casting director pun pass-with-flying-colors! siok ja cuci mata tgk ni movie. Most of the casts are good looking. Even the villains (tulak tu negro la! mata dia merah..hodoh!)

Oh I almost forgot, Nova was rather fortunate that night (or is it unfortunate? ekeke). She was 'blessed' with another movie on her left side, apart from the movie in front. There's a couple sitting beside her & they were buzy in their la-la-land making their own movie rather that enjoying their RM7 x 2 spended money on the movie tix.

Quoted conversation:

Silaka butul tu couple dia sebelah sa. sana org tgk wayang, diorg pun sibuk bikin wayang

Trus ko awkward2 kan ternampak? hahaha

Cis! perasan juga ko.. bukan sa sengaja tu ah! sa mo kasi baik dudukan sa ba trus ternampak ni hehehe


Nova said...

Hahaha...additional information, orang belakang yang sebok mengomen "sejuk la tu!" and the guy yang sebok bercerita pasal kunci -_-

Charlene Dawn @ TiTy said...

macam dia tau2 seja tahap kesejukan epidermis si Edward kan? Concern butul. As if it makes any difference (if u know wat i mean! LOL)

I cant recall anything abt the keys owh.. how come?