Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Burfday my BFF!

Happy Burfday to Fadyah & Nova!!!

What a coincidence it is that two of my Best Friend was born on the same day of the year (which is today!), 10th of November

~ Fadyah posing away in Adelaide ~

Fad, I miss u so much! Happy 27th burfday to you. How I wish that you were here so that we can go out and celebrate your burfday. Anyway, I hope u're doin fine there. You've been a great friend of mine. Thank you for everything! Though u're far, your support to me was never lacking, especially at the times when i'm in high need of it. Keep in touch! I shall wish for all of the many blessings to be upon you on your burfday :) ... lurve you louds!

~ Picture was taken during Lidimy's & Jimina's wedding ~

Noves, happy burfday. I really thank God for the gift of you. Ya! I still owe you a tribute clip (hahaha). I shall start doing it soon! (finger-crossed :p). On your burfday, I wish you a blasftul & blessed burday ever. You have a great day today yar! I'll see you later for our kebab lunchey! (mana tu kadai dia? i'm waiting for your reply gal!). BTW, pa wayang ko mo tgk nanti? since it's ur burfday, ur pick! :)

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