Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When TiTy talks about the 3 Aha's!

Aha 1!

Soon it's going to be raya! I so happy that my relatives from JB & KL will be coming back! (Yay!)... & this year, raya open house will be held in my grandma hse in keningau. Jemputlah datang (selagi ketupat masih ada). Can't wait to visit my late granpa's graveyard (it has been re-located to a new place)

Aha 2!

Mazlan texted me abt the SYD2 reunion in keningau. It'll be on this Sunday (28th Sept 2008), noon tym. I was thinking of going for a day trip to keningau (TBC!). I'm tagging along Dot (also TBC! cos she has to ask her bro) & maybe Meg (blm tanya lg) hehe

Aha 3!

Esther's wedding... I will be the MOH (maid of honor) during her wedding. We'll be going to da bridal (Victoria) to choose our baju for the next cmg friday. da baju for her wedding mass on the 28 November 2008 in SHC. I'm excited...! the next cmg friday i'm going to choose a baju for me & to make sure Esther tidak ambik wedding gown yg train dia 2-3 meter...sapu lantai type...! hahaha...

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