Friday, June 06, 2008

When TiTy Talks About Talking

I was chatting with one of my YM companion yesterday. And I was actually mumbling to him about my thoughts on a person. With all the negative thoughts, criticism that I’ve poured out, I think I need to go for confession this week…hehe

Bits and pieces of our conversation…

"ko memang tau apa yg ko cakap"

"mmg la... what comes out from my mouth does comes from my heart indeed; But what’s in my heart sometimes doesn’t really comes from HIS mouth; for a human I am” …uttering those words just gave me another reason to go for Freedom Camp *wink*

The theme of FC this year, CRUMBS OF HIS WORDS, just connects with my season now. After all that I have gone thru, I am definitely in high need of those crumbs.

"Bread crumbs??"

"Matt 4:4"

"bread crumbs tu kicil2… tp kalau makan banyak2, lama2 kenyang juga" (less calories sumore! Which is VERY GOOD for health hehe)

To my YM companion, sorry that you are the chosen one to listen to my words (of my so-called thoughts) AND thank you for being less annoying to me these days. hahahaha


Anonymous said...

Ahaks! macam perna ku dingar ni cerita, tapi di mana yah??

Charlene Dawn @ TiTy said...

Hahahaha! shush your mouth anonymous :p