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When Tity Talks About SYD2 Preparation in KSFX (First Session).

“bah Ty, bangunla…ko temau pi tu persediaan rohani SYD2… capatla bangun!!!”

That is how my day started off on that day (08 June). My sister Lana’s annoying voice is too annoying that it has the ability to make me open my sleepy eyes, put BK aside, get off my bed and went off for shower. Haha

I was supposed to attend the SYD2 spiritual preparation together with other participants from KK diocese (SHC Parish), however I am not sure whether I can attend all of the Spiritual Preparation in KK since I am totally not in control of my schedule. I choose to commit myself to the spiritual preparation here in Kgau (with consent and approval from both diocese of course) hehe

1 word of the overall spiritual preparation today; IMPACTFULL! (Praise God!)


Percubaan untuk menulis dalam Bahasa Melayu! (I have my reason for this which will be explained at the end of this entry). Aktiviti bagi persediaan rohani ini bermula dengan pendaftaran para peserta mengikut paroki masing-masing. Saya menerima arahan daripada Sister Maria (aka Sister Mag) dan Mazlan untuk mendaftarkan nama di bawah Paroki KSFX (with remarks that I am from KK diocese).


Sejurus selepas pendaftaran peserta, kami diarahkan untuk memasuki dewan. Sesi pertama bermula dengan Upacara Ekaristi. Kami berpeluang untuk merayakan Upacara Ekaristi bersama seorang Paderi yang baru ditahbis iaitu Fr. David. Semasa upacara homili (yang juga merupakan bahagian pertama dalam sesi 1 persediaan Rohani SYD2), Fr. David telah mengupas tentang Apakah Erti Kehidupan.

In his talk, he uses a lot of examples from our daily lives. This is what I understand from his talk. What is the real meaning of life? The meaning of life is wide and there’s no certain answer for that. It varied from 1 person to another according to the amount of experience that one had.

Some may have all the wealth in the world, receive acknowledgement as high as a mountain but still feels unsatisfied with what they have. Why is that so? Because we are human and we are bonded with our needs that is never ending; without realizing that HE is what we need; that HE is indeed the meaning of our life. Instead of being grateful of what we have, we tend to ask for more (macam Pepsi punya tagline! Wah!).

So, if HE is what we need and HE is indeed the meaning of life, how do we get closer to HIM? Fr. David uses this example in his talk, he said

“bayangkan anda ingin menonton konsert artis pujaan anda, seperti Siti Nurhaliza atau Stacy umpamanya. Jika anda ingin melihat penyanyi pujaan anda menyanyi di hadapan anda, anda terpaksa membayar lebih untuk mendapatkan ‘seat’ hadapan berbanding dengan mereka yang duduk di kelas kambing.”

What he meant by saying so is that to reach a greater good, there are amount of sacrifices that we have to make. We love, bcos He loves. and when we love, we are bound to do sacrifices! There are amount to pay to be close to Jesus.

Life is nothing but a journey…

Taklimat ringkas

Selesainya Upacara Ekaristi, Sister Mag memberikan taklimat ringkas tentang aturcara pada persediaan rohani ini. Dan seterusnya mempersilakan kami untuk menikmati sarapan yang telah disediakan.

Sesi Suai Kenal

Setelah bersarapan, saudara Fabian memulakan sesi suai kenal pada persediaan rohani ini. (He’s such a funny guy with all his spontaneous act and not forgetting his spontaneous jokes). Kami diperkenalkan dengan peserta-peserta dari setiap paroki dalam Diosis Keningau. Dan saya diperkenalkan sebagai seorang peserta tunggal dari Diosis KK yang membuat persediaan rohani bersama-sama dengan peserta dari diosis kgau (I received an amount of applause by being so. Duh! haha)

Sesi 1 – Bahagian 2: Apakah erti kehidupan? (Saudara Wilfred)

The 2nd part of the 1st session is also to discover the meaning of life. This time we have brother Wilfred to give us a talk. In his talk, he uses a different approach from what Fr. David did. If Fr. David uses examples from our daily lives, Wilfred uses examples from the bible itself. He uses 3 main Heroes of the bible to explain to us the meaning of life. And the 3 selected Heroes are Peter, Saul (Paul) and Stephen.

From the 1st talk, we know that in order to be close to Jesus, there are sacrifices to be made. The 2nd talk is more like a challenge to us. That if we really believe in Jesus and really want to be close to Him, are we willing to do what HE told us to do? Are we willing to do sacrifices? He will guide us and We will receive the Holy Spirit as long as we are willing to accept. Just like the 3 heroes.

Do we really appreciate our life? Are you willing to let the holy spirit work in you? It is a self-reflection that you have to do in order to discover.

Along your journey of life, the holy spirit is like a map to ensure that you’re in the right track. It will give you guidance, it will mould u…to be a step closer to Jesus (Amen!)

Lagu Puji-pujian

Sementara menunggu makanan tengahari disediakan, kami dibawa masuk ke dalam sesi lagu puji-pujian oleh Saudara Fabian. Dimana dalam sesi ini kami juga diajar gerak tari bagi lagu tema SYD2 (Khatam suda sa sama tu tarian ni! haha).

Makan tengahari

I was not able to join them for lunch as I have to go home and transfer the FC promo file to Jessica. Hehe

Sesi 2 – The Forth wise men

This session was done inside the church. They played The Forth Wise Men movie. This is actually the second session of the event. I was a bit sleepy throughout the movie. From bits and pieces of the movie that I saw, it was a story of a man who wanted to meet Jesus. About the journey that he had gone through with his slave in order to meet Jesus. At first he has 3 precious jewellery to be offered to Jesus (a Sapphire?? A ruby and a pearl).

In his journey, he encountered with many things which cost him the jewelleries that he brought along. First, he uses the first jewellery which is a sapphire (if I’m not mistaken) to buy clothes, medication and food for the people. And the ruby, he gave it to save a child from being killed. Along the way, he met with a village with leprosy patients; he delayed his journey to meet Jesus in order to help the people of the village. He spent most of his life in helping this people. He is such a kind men! A men with a big heart.

Then it happen that one day they heard that Jesus was in Jerusalem, so they brought the last pearl and continue their journey to search for Jesus. And again he saves a girl from being killed; by trading the pearl with the girl from the soldiers. Now he had nothing to offer to Jesus. And yet at that moment Jesus was about to be crucified and they only saw Jesus from afar (so sad!)

They went off, with his unfulfilled last wish to meet Jesus before he died. Jesus did come to him a few minutes before he left the world. He told Jesus that he had nothing left to offer to Him. But Jesus said, you’ve actually given me a gift; that when I don’t have clothes, u cloth me; when I’m thirsty, u gave me water. Jesus was with him along His journey. The deeds that he did to all the people who are in need, of his kindness, he is actually doing it for Jesus. His heart for this people is indeed all that matters to Jesus.

Gosh I lurve da story!

That is the end of the sessions of the spiritual preparation for SYD2 for Kgau Diocese. And it’s time for…


3 people were chosen to give sharing about what they learnt from the movie. I didn’t really get what they shared about. Duduk belakang skali kan, macam mana mo dgr. Hehe


Selepas menonton cerita The Forth Wise Men, kami dibawa semula ke dalam dewan untuk sesi Taize. Di sini saya berpeluang untuk mengikuti sesi Taize yang dikendalikan dengan cara yang sedikit berbeza daripada yang dilakukan di Diosis KK. Sesi Taize dijalankan tanpa lilin-lilin yang biasanya menghidupkan suasana Taize. Akan tetapi pada dasarnya, intipati atau lebih sesuai format Doa Taize yang dijalankan adalah sama. Hehe

What difference does it make with or without the candles? Afterall, why do we need candles when we actually have the light of the world. *Smiles*


After taize, there was some announcement. It is regarding the next meeting for SYD2 prep. I don’t think I will be joining them this time. As at that time I would be in KK.


OK. Being the only person from a different diocese on that day leads me to be in center stage. I was chosen by Sister Mag to give sharing on what I have gain through all of the session today.

Well, well… Fabian the Emcee asked me to come in front of the hall to accompany him. Then, to sum up… this is what my testimony… (at first i tried to talk in BM tp tersekat2. I even ask translation for some words to Fabian. but he cant help me dat much..so I decided to gv my sharing in English!)

What I have learnt from all the sessions; through the talks through the videos and so on. Every single thing leads us to one thing which is to prepare ourselves for SYD2. We were told to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED in the SYD2 spiritual prep in KK. What is the unexpected?

Both KK and Kgau have a diff approach in delivering the message the message of SYD2 to the participants. But whatever approach there is, it only leads to 1 thing which is to prepare us ‘spiritually’. So that we will be able to feel His presence, receive the Holy Spirit and be the witnesses of God. I bet the unexpected comes later to that. The theme sayz it all. Amen!

OK! SYD2 is going to use BM as the main language. I will talk in Malay more often! So that I wont be needing a translator (incase it happen that I happened to be the chosen one again in the future!) Haha. Macam Miss World seja mo ada penterjemah (tapuji! haha). Anyway, I would like to give credits to Fabian the Emcee for being my translator on that day.

It’s not that Im GOOD in English. I just feel comfortable using it when I give explanation or give sharing. OK! OK! Mulai hari ini saya akan membiasakan diri untuk bertutur lebih dalam bahasa melayu.

Doa penutup

Upacara SYD2 diakhiri dengan Doa Penutup dan sesi bersalam-salaman.


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