Friday, May 16, 2008

When TiTy Talks About Happy Teacher's Day

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Teachers in da world, especially to all the teacher who happen to be my teacher in my past, a very Happy Teachers Day. I won't be as I am without guidance from you guys


Also a special dedications to all the teachers whom I know.

Adrian Simon - my CG member.

Alister Sindin - one of my church fren whose hobby is to annoy me (duh!)

Babara Liew - also my CG member

Bonniface Francis - A person whom I considered dear to me (BTW, that my my then...hehe)

Cindy Chan Kher Xing - my junior in UMS & it happens dat we're called to serve as a LL leader

Dorothy Wong Siew Yung - My beloved Sis in Christ

Duncan Hong - My cousin

Harold Boid Lojinon - our cikgu, our chaffeur (used to), my chef

Hendry Wong - My YM cum AMTY companion

Melinda Bagiu - A church fwen...

Siti Kastini Kassim - cikgu paling Rock pernah sa jumpa!!! my partner in crime!!! hahaha

Noraimiza - kawan sekolah rendah sa!!!

Yvonne Teo - A sister in Christ who is also called to serve as a LL leader

Yang sa lupa taru dalam list harap maaf... Happy Teachers day to you...

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