Friday, May 09, 2008

When TiTy Talks About Happy Burfday BoBy!

Too much of Malay movie...

Panjang umurnya, panjang umurnya,

Panjang umurnya serta mulia, serta mulia,

Serta mulia (Repeat 2x)

The common ones (TiTy's Edition)...

Happy Burfday to you,

Happy Burfday to you,

Happy Burfday to BoBy,

Happy Burfday to you...

May the good Lord bless you,

May the good Lord bless you,

May the good Lord bless BoBy,

May the good Lord bless you...

(actions: hands giving blessing, followed by hands clapping & some shouts!hahaha)

The Lifeline Tradition;

My dear Boby, (walaweh! ekeke)

Imagining as if there's a burday cake in front of me la kunun

& here i am taking da spoon

grab a bite of da cake

& here goes my affirmation...

Started off knowing you by getting annoyed of you ,

Given you the nick BoBy (dgn tujuan untuk mengumpat! <- sama sika ni ah!)

Knowing you ...

You're very helpful person,

A big person (obviously :p) with a big heart...

Continue to serve HIM more...

Akhir kata...

Ko tua suda!!!! muahahaha

(p/s: bulum habis this pi kadai jap..tbc)


Preliminary said...

Big person with a big heart. It needs a big heart to be able to pump enough blood for a big body, lol.

Charlene Dawn @ TiTy said...


Like it needs a red lorry to go with da yellow lorry kan? LOL