Saturday, April 19, 2008

When Tity Talks about 'CANT AFFORD!'... (wink!)

Was having this conversation with a guy fren of mine

Quoted and edited.



"She's like a handphone that I like & would love to have. But I can't afford it. Can't afford it even if it is a second hand handphone. Im waiting for the price to be lowered or perhaps cheaper."


How can u know whether if u can afford it or not if u dont even try to search the 'options' that you have? Hendak seribu daya kan!?... It's back to you, is she worth the 'hard work'? hehe. The heart decides & what the heart decides is all dat matters... Gud Luck! (^_^)



How would you feel if u like a guy and the guy didnt make any move?


Hahaha... dissapointed in my own way I must say. But then, if he doesnt have that gut to make the first move then that means he doesnt hv that much faith in me & im not worth the risks. I cant built a relationship without that much of faith & likewise dat guy is not worth the risks (^_^)


That's more on the guy punya problem..."CAN'T AFFORD!" hahaha



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